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Welcome to our website

We are NOHS Computer Club. We meet every Thursday after school til 4:30. Come check us out if you are intrested in joining.

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Got A Broken Computer?

NOTS is all about helping out the community, whether that means teaching citizens  about computers or fixing computers. The best part is that our services are free, although we gladly accept donations. 

If you would like to have your computer fixed, Click here

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LAN Gaming Party

Did you miss the LAN Gaming Party?? Did you have a good time at the party?? Look for more information on another party later in May!!!



Welcome to the computer club website. We meet every Thursday after school until 4:30. We are always accepting new people.

What we are planning to do this year?

  • Java Programing
  • Website Design
  • Computer Repair/Building
  • Lego Olympiad Robotics Competition
  • Game Design Competitions
  • App Creation
  • Potential Seminar on Social Media (Pros, Cons, Types, Security, ...)
  • And Much More