Teacher Area

Convenient Links For Faculty

The links on this page are to a variety of places that are used by our Faculty. They are placed here for their convenience. These are not useful for students or Parents.

For the many administrative things faculty members do, there are "sites for that" and "forms for that". These lists are not exhaustive, but intended to make the work of our faculty a little easier.

For reminders on some of the most common procedures teachers need to follow, check out the PROCEDURES page. See the Staff FYI for updates and staff news.

NOHS School Calendar

Embedded Agenda view for the NOHS School Calendar.

A link to the full month view can be found in the Useful Links list as well. This will open the calendar in a new tab.

Licensure & OTES

Parent/Booster Groups

Year End Forms

If you are filling out the End of Year Failure form please be aware that teachers will not be sending home individual letters for students failures this year; These letters will be generated by the guidance office with all class failures on one letter. If you have any questions please contact the guidance office.