Often Used Procedures

as a reminder of what you need to do when...


 When going on a field trip please follow the procedures below: 
  •  2. Download and fill out a Classroom Field Trip Request Form (online form). Print it out, sign it, and give the completed form to Jim Koontz for approval.
  •  3. Fill out and sign a Professional Leave Application and give the completed form to Jim Koontz for approval.
  •  4. Put your absence for the day of the field trip in Frontline.
  •  5. Have each student fill out a yellow School Trip Permission Form. All forms are to be handed into the teacher who is chaperoning the field trip. You can get these forms from Jo Capasso or Patty Horn. DO NOT HAVE STUDENTS FILL OUT A PLANNED ABSENCE FORM.
  •  6. Send a roster to Patty Horn on Monday the week before the field trip.
  •  7. The day of the field trip attendance MUST be taken before you leave and the Attendance Office MUST be notified if there are any changes to the roster.

ABSENCES... Spot Coverage Request

This is a little different when you are requesting less than a half day... Use these procedures:
• Use the Spot Coverage form if you will be missing less than half of a day as we have to pay substitutes for a whole or half day. This is linked to the Teachers' page.
• You are then required to input your absence into Frontline as “no sub needed” in order to have your absence recorded properly.
• Please see Nancy, Jim or Patty if you have any question

OTES 2.0 New procedures for 2021-2022

We are all going through a new process together. This year will be the first year of OTES 2.0 and the process is much different than in the past, including new forms that must be used. Information related to OTES 2.0 will be forthcoming as it is finalized at the state and local levels. We are all learning this new system together, so let's all be patient with one another and work together towards growing professionally throughout the process.

A couple things to keep in mind as we kickoff the new process at this time:

  • -Everyone must complete a PGP and schedule a conference to review (new form attached to Teacher Page)
  • -We have additional time for the PGP conferences and I am going to suggest that these conferences take place starting the week of 9/27
  • -The district will be utilizing OhioES for the forms and collection of evidence throughout the process
  • -OhioES replaces eTPES (info on login and setup will be coming out soon)